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The “Stats” of Weight Loss During the Holidays

We are full swing into the start of the “Holiday Season”. Everyone is starting to get into the hustle and bustle and Thanksgiving is here! Plans are being made for travel, company, and of course, FOOD! But, wait! You have started your weight loss journey. Now what?? PANIC is starting to set in. Some of you will give into the idea of “just waiting until January” and then start. Some will abandon ship early because they can’t take the pressure all around them. Bad food ( or good food, depending how you view it) is everywhere. It is at church, work, home, and parties. How do you avoid it?? How do you stay on your mission for your personal well -being? How are you ever going to fit in your pretty red dress?? YIKES!

I have figured out a few reasons why people fail on their diets during the holidays! One problem is all of the events surrounding the holiday season. Another is the travel. Additionally, there are traditions with certain foods served only at this time of year.

First of all, the “holidays” are not everyday and every meal for the whole month of November and December. Thanksgiving is one or two meals on ONE day of the whole month. Even if you are on vacation for the entire week before Turkey Day, you can choose to eat well most of the meals. Secondly, you can be in charge of you, and what you choose. You can offer to bring or cook foods that you enjoy and work for your diet, but that others will enjoy, too. Part of this journey you are on includes being prepared at all times. Have what you need available, and don’t be ashamed of your eating plan.

December has a few more challenges, I know. More activities. More travel. More traditions. More choices. More pressure.

I have decided to use statistics to put this into perspective. Say you are eating 4 meals a day. That is 28 meals a week, which equals 112 meal choices for 28 days! SO, here is the question? If you choose to eat 110 of those meals “right” and only 2 “wrong” you will be at 98% compliance. What do you think your body will do at the end of November? Of course, it will be just fine! Your body will feel good and you will still lose weight!

In December, there may be 5 or 6 meals or events to deal with. But at the end of December, out of 112 meals, if you make 106 perfect choices and only 6 not so good, you will still be at 96% compliance. There will be a good chance that your body will still feel and look good! Instead of gaining weight during the holidays, you can lose.

I prefer not to think of the choices I make as “cheating”. That is such a strong and negative word. I prefer to look at those as choices and deviations. I own those choices so I can forge ahead on my journey for good health and wellness!

Will you give into all of the temptations? Or make planned deviations??

Keep up the great job and the commitment to YOUR HEALTH!



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